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General Membership Information (2019)

Salem Community Center offers a number of affordable plans for individual, family, and senior memberships.


Call us at 330-332-5885 or stop by to tour the center.


Annual:   (Annual Pricing Information)

- Membership cost is based on the number of family members living at the same residence. 

- This is the least expensive option providing yearly access to the Salem Community Center.


Note: The primary member must be 18 and older and may only include associate members with the same residence who are related to the primary as folows:

     - Spouse (married under the laws of the state of Ohio).

     - Son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, foster child, grandchild (primary is legal guardian), if 18 and under.

     - Son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, foster child, grandchild (primary is legal guardian), if full time student 25 and under.

     - Siblings 18 and under.


Monthly:  (Monthly Pricing Information)

- Monthly plan are great for individuals and college students not wanting a full year commitment to membership.

- Membership cost is based on age of joining individual.


Day Pass:

- Day passes are available for single day use only.

- Unrestricted cost (ages 15 – 59) is $10.00.

- Restricted cost (ages 0 – 14) is $8.00.

- Senior cost (ages 60 and over) is $8.00.


Note: Children 14 and under MUST have an adult supervisor age 18 years or older present at all times in the Center.



- If your employer provides a membership plan to the Salem Community Center, your payments can be made through payroll deduction.

- Membership cost is based on annual membership as described above.



- The Salem Community Center offers limited scholarships to those individuals who desire to participate but have a medical and financial need.  All applicants must reside in the Salem Community Center service area.


Please note: Forms & Releases must be signed by everyone joining the Center.


Questions: Visit or call at 330-332-5885.

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