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The Reasbeck Natatorium is comprised of three bodies of water – the main pool, training pool and spa.

Added features are:

  • American Red Cross Professional Rescuers on duty
  • Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Devices
  • Diving rings
  • Noodles
  • Water aerobics equipment
  • Starting blocks
  • ADA swim lift
  • Steps for easy access

Main Pool is a six-lane, 25-yard swimming pool, is 13'4" at the deep end and 3'6" at the shallow end. The water temperature is 83°F.

Apicella Training Pool is 3'6" at the deep end and 1'6" at the shallow end, this pool’s water temperature is 88°F.

Jacuzzi Spa water temperature is 103°F. This pool is for members and guests age 13 years or older.

Pool Activities:  Lap swimming, children swimming, and open swimming varies to allow for swimming lessons, swim team practice, swim meets, exercise classes, and special events.


Virginia Baker Act Compliance (VGB) The Salem Community Center would like to ensure all of its members and guest of their safety while swimming in one or all three bodies of water. Each pool has gravity fed drains which are placed more than 3 feet apart when multiple drains are needed. These drains are safety features which were installed in the original construction of the SCC Natatorium pools in 2002 and continue to be the best source in preventing any accidental suction. However, due to federal regulations, the SCC was required to install the VGB drain covers. Should you have further questions regarding the installation of the new drain covers or the SCC Reasbeck Natatorium, please feel free to contact the Salem Community Center at 330-332-5885.