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Center Circle, Salem Community Center's Field house and Gym is SCC's 31,780 square foot indoor sports complex consisting of a gymnasium, field house, and snack/vending area.

Opened in October of 2007, the entire $2.3 million complex was funded by the Salem Community Foundation ( as a gift to the community in celebration of the Salem Bicentennial and the 40th anniversary of the Salem Community Foundation.

Field House: 22,880 square feet, Field dimension of 191' x 84', State-of-the-art synthetic grass turf (Sof-Step-200), Full netting replaces walls for "outdoor style" out-of-bounds, Heated spectator seating area for 120 people, 4'x 8' score board.

The construction of the field started with a compacted stabilized soil base then a layer of fine gravel was added, which was covered with 2" high tufted pile synthetic grass, and topped with 52,500 pounds of finely ground rubber that was worked into the grass to give the field the "feel of earth".

Center Circle Field House host soccer leagues, practices, camps and tournaments as well as the Salem Community Hospital Baby Fair. Other uses include flag football, baseball and softball practices and craft fairs.

Auxiliary Gymnasium: The 8,900 square foot gymnasium has a cushioned composition floor with the use of one full basketball court or two half courts with bleachers on the east side. This gymnasium is primarily used as a rental for leagues, practices, camps and tournaments. Gym space in the area is at a premium, so this auxiliary gym is a welcome addition to the facility and to the community.

Snack/Vending Area: Located within SCC and CC, vending areas are available during operating hours. The Center Circle Snack Bar will have various hours depending upon activities in the building.